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Dr. Worden teaches two Early Childhood courses that student teachers are required to take in their senior year. Student Teaching: Birth to Second Grade (EDUC 400-010) and Student Teaching: Early Childhood Special Education (EDUC 400-011) are capstone courses for all education majors and involve a full-time extended student teaching experience in pre-kindergarten through 12th grade schools. Teacher candidates are under the guidance and supervision of clinical educators and supervisors. This experience allows teachers to demonstrate the knowledge acquired in their undergraduate courses and apply it to their teaching.

Dr. Worden collaborated with Dr. Rosalie Dow (School of Education) and Dr. Jill Flynn (English Education) in developing common lesson plans and assignments for their students in the Elementary Teacher Education program. Her courses explore topics on developing racial literacy, how race impacts education, race as a social construct, and understanding the experiences of children from different ethnic backgrounds.


Lynn Worden
Associate Professor & Early Childhood Education Student Teacher Coordinator
Department of Human Development and Family Studies
107 Alison Hall West | 302-831-1922 |

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