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Research Project on Racial Literacy Across Elementary Teacher Education




Curricular Innovation/Research/Collaboration/Partnership

Target Audience

Undergraduate Students


School of Education


Dr. Litke, together with two professors from the School of Education and one from the Department of English, is currently working on a research project on how to think about and improve racial literacy across the Elementary Teacher Education program. Supported by a grant from the Center for Teaching & Assessment Learning (CTAL), the research is centered on the current curricular innovations on racial literacy, and helping students develop racial literacy and cultural competence across elementary education. Many of our students being placed in the field come from different sociocultural different backgrounds from their students. Our goal is to teach them the history of racism and diversity, and how to implement this knowledge in their classrooms. A survey of faculty members was conducted last year. The next step is to interview particular faculty members from that data in order to learn more about how they understand diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial literacy issues, and how they teach these matters to their students. This research will also inform the professional needs we have as a faculty in these areas.


Erica Litke
Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, School of Education
105D Willard Hall Education Building | 302-831-1658 |

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