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In 2015, Dr. Rolón-Dow took part in the Faculty Engaging Difference Summer Institute with the Center for the Integration of Research, Teaching and Learning (CIRTL) Network. The Summer Institute was intended for faculty members who have interests in learning about and promoting and integrating diversity, equity and inclusive teaching practices in their classrooms, departments, and throughout the university. Dr. Dow then partnered with Dr. Jill Flynn (English Education) and Dr. Lynn Worden (Human Development and Family Sciences) to study racial literacy by investigating student experiences and doing self-studies through video recordings of their own classes. They discussed their teaching challenges and worked together to plan lessons on racial literacy across three different courses. They have several publications from this study.

Dr. Rolón-Dow has also partnered with Dr. Jill Flynn (English Education), Dr. Janine de Novais (School of Education), Dr. Elizabeth Soslau (School of Education), and Dr. Erica Litke (Mathematics Education) to conduct a study focused on racial literacy across the Elementary Teacher Education curriculum. They are in the data gathering phase of this project, with the vision of creating a more cohesive and systematic way of integrating issues of race, culture, equity and diversity into the teacher education curriculum.


Rosalie Rolón-Dow
Associate Professor, School of Education
213D Willard Hall | 1-302-831-4336 |

Rosalie Rolón-Dow is an Associate Professor in the College of Education and Human Development. She approaches research from an anthropological perspective and focuses on the intersections of sociocultural identities and educational equity and opportunity, and on the application of Latinx critical theory (LatCrit) to educational problems. Her teaching and research endeavors aim to address issues of education (in)equity and seek to promote racially just educational practices and policies that draw on the strengths and cultural resources of students, families and communities. Dr. Rolón-Dow brings expertise on qualitative methods to her research and especially enjoys collaborative projects with faculty, staff or students.

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