Working with children at the Infant Language Project

The Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE) provides support services for students and faculty through the Education Resource Center, Office of Certification and Accreditation, and the Office of Clinical Studies. The University Council for Teacher Education is another university-wide body that supports educator preparation programs.

  • The Education Resource Center (ERC) provides preschool through grade 12 curriculum resources and related services for the preparation and professional development of educators in support of national and Delaware content and performance standards.
  • The Office of Certification and Accreditation provides current information about educator certification requirements for students and faculty and compiles information required to ensure the continued state approval and national accreditation of all educator preparation programs.
  • The Office of Clinical Studies works with faculty and school districts to secure early field experience placements and student teaching placements for teacher candidates. The office also ensures that candidates have completed their clearances to enter the field.
  • The University Council for Teacher Education (UCTE), a university-wide governing body, has the primary organizing, coordinating, and unifying responsibility for the preparation of teachers and other professional education personnel.