Taskstream is a new platform that supports teacher candidates through their teacher preparation programs at the University of Delaware.  Taskstream replaces the SEEDS and FEPS data management systems in DCTE.

Log into Taskstream by clicking here taskstream.com

Your Taskstream username and password will be emailed to you.  If you cannot locate your account information, please email dcte-cert@udel.edu.

Teacher Candidates

Teacher Candidates will use Taskstream to accomplish the following:

  • View Clearances on file
  • Sign the annual Policy Acknowledgement
  • View Early Field and Student Teaching Placements
  • View Capstone Evaluations
  • Compile and Submit the edTPA performance assessment
  • Complete Surveys
  • Submit Early Fields Logs
  • Create an ePortfolio

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and Staff will use Taskstream for the following:

  • Complete and View Assessment Data
  • Complete and View Capstone Evaluations
  • View Survey Data
  • Review & Evaluate edTPA submissions

Clinical Educators

Clinical Educators will use Taskstream for the following:

  • Complete Capstone Evaluations
  • Complete Surveys
  • Complete Professional Development Modules


You can contact Taskstream Mentoring Services for help.

UD Contacts:


Evaluators Manual (for Faculty, Staff & Clinical Educators)

Authors Manual (for Teacher Candidates)