The Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE) provides support services for students, faculty, and staff in the educator preparation programs at the University of Delaware.


2015-2016 Meeting Minutes

Fall Meetings

  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 14
  • December 12

200 Academy St., Rm 210

1:00 – 3:00 pm

New UD Educator Preparation Alliance

The UD Educator Preparation Alliance launched in May, bringing together members of the education community to collaborate on the preparation of the next generation of teachers. The members include school teachers, principals, human resource managers, and superintendents; DSEA leaders; DDOE leaders; and University faculty and staff. At the first meeting on May 11, the members worked in small groups to identify the critical competencies teacher candidates need to develop and key topics/issues that should be addressed at future meetings. The most common themes from the group discussions are listed below.

  • Critical competencies: assessment, building classroom communities, cultural competency
  • Topics/issues: student teaching, clinical educators, induction/retention

ERC Online Catalog Access

Recently, the ERC server had to be shut down due to an apparent hacking attempt. The system was down for two weeks to determine the extent of the intrusion and to rebuild the server. The system is back online; however, off campus access is now limited to UD’s AnyConnect VPN and 2 factor authentication (2FA). Access to the catalog on campus to the catalog remains the same.For more information on using 2FA and the AnyConnect VPN, please follow this LINK.

Delaware House Bill Amends the Licensure Fee

The Delaware legislature instituted a $100 application fee for an educator’s first license in Delaware effective January 2016. House Bill 307 amends this legislation by reimbursing any applicant who becomes employed as a teacher in a Delaware public school.  The House and Senate passed the bill in early and mid-May, respectively, and the bill will take effect 90 days after its enactment into law.

DDOE 2015 Talent Practices Report is Now Available

The recently released Delaware Department of Education 2015 Delaware Talent Practices Report describes the policies, processes, and practices of Delaware school districts and charter schools during the 2015 hiring season. The report provides data and recommendations on key elements of the talent pipeline, including recruitment strategies, hiring practices, selection processes, and teacher retention practices. One of the many findings is that Delaware school districts consider UD’s Project Search the second most successful recruiting strategy.

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