The Delaware Center for Teacher Education (DCTE) provides support services for students, faculty, and staff in the educator preparation programs at the University of Delaware.


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Fall Schedule – All meetings will be in Rm 210, 200 Academy Street, 1:30pm – 3:30 pm.

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ARTC Transitions

DCTE says goodbye to our longtime colleague, Rob Grey, who began a position of Education Associate in Educator Preparation with the Delaware Department of Education on February 20.  Rob joined DCTE in 2005 as a coordinator, then became Assistant Director of the Office of Clinical Studies a year later.  In the Assistant Director role he oriented students for their field experiences and trained AVID tutors, and served as an NCATE coordinator during UD’s 2011 visit.  In 2012, he became the program manager of the Delaware Transition to Teaching Partnership, a five-year federal grant to help recruit science, technology, English, and math secondary education teachers for high-needs schools in Delaware using the Alternate Routes to Certification model.  In that role, Rob opened alternative paths to certification for teachers of English Language Learners and secondary Special Education teachers.
Rob will remain a part of our UD family as an adjunct instructor for ARTC and resource for all things digital.  And since his new role will involve supporting teacher education programs, we expect to work with him a lot!


DCTE welcomes two new faces:  Liz Terlecki as ARTC coordinator, and Ann Hilkert as coordinator of the Masters Plus Certification Program in Exceptional Children and Youth.  We are happy to have Liz and Ann on the DCTE team!

Spotlight on Teacher Education Research

Our colleagues Elizabeth Soslau, Jen Gallo-Fox, and Kate Scantlebury have recently published an article entitled “The Promises and Realities of Implementing a Coteaching Model Of Student Teaching”  in The Journal of Teacher Education.  The article examines the practice of coteaching, the model of student teaching used by our Early Childhood Education, Elementary Teacher Education, and Secondary Science Education programs, which involves the teacher candidate assuming co-responsibility for teaching with the clinical educator from the beginning of the student teaching placement rather than moving from observation to eventual independent practice as generally occurs in the traditional model of student teaching.  Soslau et al. determined whether and how coteaching leads to predicted learning outcomes for the teacher candidate.  They noted one mechanism that accounts for some of the learning opportunities distinctive to coteaching is the practice of “huddling,” an impromptu meeting of coteachers before, during, or after lessons, which provided teacher candidates with practice modifying instruction in real-time to support pupil learning.

If you have teacher education research that you would like to share, please contact Christine Carrino Gorowara at cargoro@udel.edu.  We would love to feature your research in a future DCTE newsletter!

DACTE Updates

Meeting with Southern Delaware Superintendents
The Delaware Association of Colleges of Teacher Education (DACTE) hosted five southern Delaware superintendents or their designees on Tuesday, February 13 at a meeting open to participants from all five of DACTE’s member institutions.  Eleven faculty and staff members from the University of Delaware attended the meeting (nine in person and two remotely), which featured Charity Phillips from Delmar, Celeste Bunting from Indian River, Brenda Wynder from Lake Forest, Jason Peel from Milford, and Amelia Hodges from Polytech.As with the meeting with northern Delaware superintendents in November, the persistent theme was on increasing the pipeline of teachers available for and interested in positions in Delaware schools.  Participants discussed challenges and strategies specific to southern Delaware.


DACTE Annual Meeting
In March, DACTE will hold its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, March 21 from 2:00 to 4:00 at the Wilmington University Dover Campus at 3283 N. DuPont Highway in the Building A Auditorium.  The topic will be mentoring, and the meeting will feature a panel presentation and a break-out group discussion.  The meeting outcome goal will be to compile a list of characteristics of good mentors (of both pre-service and in-service teachers) that may be used to guide mentor training, which may in turn lead to a state-awarded credential that could be associated with increased compensation.  Please RSVP to Christine Carrino Gorowara (cargoro@udel.edu).  We hope to see you there!

OCS Training Launch

The Office of Clinical Studies (OCS) is launching a new training program for interested clinical Field Instructors across teacher preparation programs within the University. The goal of the initiative is to offer additional training opportunities to equip UD Field Instructors with tailored strategies for supporting Clinical Educators more effectively through mentoring practices specific to clinical experiences. The roll-out of this training is in culmination with the newly revamped Clinical Educator training model, in which Field Instructors utilize time spent in the field supporting and orienting Clinical Educators to serve as the required Highly Qualified Coopering Teacher training mandated by the state. OCS reached out to each teacher preparation program to solicit input for the revamped Clinical Educator training. The new training method allows UD Clinical Educators to participate in a blended model of instruction that includes both on-site and online training components. The goals behind these efforts is to support the uniqueness of clinical practice for each of the UD teacher preparation programs.

First Annual Teacher Appreciation Event

Teacher of the Year panel members

Panel of District Teachers of the Year

DCTE, in collaboration with the School of Education, hosted the First Annual Teacher of the Year Appreciation Event on Wednesday, February 21 at Clayton Hall.  The event featured a panel of eleven Delaware district teachers of the year, and included this year’s State Teacher of the Year, Virginia Forcucci.  The panelists shared experiences and insights with the audience, which included teacher candidates as well as faculty and staff.  Attendees were inspired by the incredible dedication and passion of the teachers, and were moved by the ways in which they impacted, and in turn were impacted by, their students.

For more information about this event, see http://www.education.udel.edu/blog/2018/02/20/teacher-year-event/.

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