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Presenter: James Loewen. Distinguished lecturer – Organization of American Historians Lies My Teacher Told Me
Featured Books:

  • Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything Your American History Book Got Wrong. Winner of the American Book Award
  • Teaching What Really Happened: How to Avoid the Tyranny of Textbooks and Get Students Excited About Doing History
  • Lies Across America: What Our Historic Sites Get Wrong

Date: May 31, 2012
Time: 5:15-8:00 p.m.
Registration: Survey Monkey
Location: Courtyard Marriott Hotel, Newark




  • $550 per year in classroom resources
  • Up to $1,350 in annual stipends
  • 4% salary increment for those who successfully complete an optional three-year HLP cluster
    NOTE: The State of Delaware just announced a moratorium on all clusters for which participants were not registered, or that had not begun, by May 21st. This includes the HLP2 cluster.
  • Overnight accommodations and meals
  • Opportunities for Advanced Placement U.S. history training
  • Field trips
  • Evening dinner seminars with historians
  • Interactions with noted authors of children's literature
  • Content enrichment by historians
  • University guidance on teaching reading in the content areas
  • Collaboration with area museums
  • Assistance with development of exemplary U.S. history teaching units


  • Commitment to attend workshops and seminars; minimum commitment for one year; preference given to applicants willing to commit to three years; attendance at topical seminars optional
  • Participation in project evaluations
  • Guided development of exemplary, standards-based U.S. history units in small learning communities

"Throughtout the course of my career, I have participated in many terrific teacher workshops or classes and I can honestly state that the University of Delaware's Historical Literacy workshop was the best professional experience that I have had. My content knowledge was expanded through the use of historians who were experts in their fields. I learned literacy methods which I was able to incorporate with the State Standards in my classroom. Even as I veteran teacher, I learned some excellent teaching methodology. Finally, my students have benefitted not only from my improved lessons but through the teaching resources as well. This was a terrific experience and I count myself lucky to have participated in it."
Jeanmarie Leonard
Brandywine High School

"The Teaching American History grant program has been the most beneficial professional development program that I have ever been involved in. The historians, resources, and lesson ideas I have been exposed to throughout this program have had a significant impact on my teaching. My content knowledge has been expanded more than I could ever have imagined. I was able to "teach" the content before but now I feel like I can really connect to the content and develop more meaningful lessons and activities for my students. As a result, their understanding of history has truly been expanded."
Melissa Stillwell
Townsend Elementary School

"I participated in the HISTORICAL LITERACY PROJECT last year. It was a phenomenal experience. I learned history in a thorough manner from multiple perspectives using primary resources. I had never learned history in this manner before. I finally understood how to teach my students to become historians not just fact memorizers."
Andrea Rashbaum
Oliver B. Loss Elementary School