Collaborative Grant Program to Promote Equity in Teacher Education

Grants are available to University of Delaware faculty and instructional staff members to support research and scholarly activities designed to promote equity in teacher education.

The deadline to apply for the 2018 grants is 5 p.m., Monday, Nov. 6.

The new program is a collaboration between UD’s Center for the Study of Diversity in the College of Arts and Sciences and the Delaware Center for Teacher Education in the College of Education and Human Development.

The Promoting Equity in Teacher Education collaboration developed by the two centers aims to support—in the form of small grants of up to $2,500—faculty and staff who are interested in exploring a line of inquiry, climate-related issues or curriculum innovation focused on equity, diversity and inclusion for education stakeholders.

Stakeholders are defined as preservice teachers, pupils, families, school community members, teacher preparation faculty and teacher instructional staff.

With the grants, the centers hope to facilitate a wider understanding of the social and academic impacts of diversity, while also supporting equitable practices within the teacher preparation community.

The centers are seeking proposals that are focused on some aspect of teacher preparation relating to UD or local schools in which preservice teachers and University faculty and staff work.

The grants will support projects in the areas of public scholarship and community engagement, research and date analysis, policy analysis and research, and curriculum and education programming innovations.

Scholars applying for the grants are encouraged to connect their proposals to aspects mentioned in “Inclusive Excellence: Action Plan for Diversity at UD” or President Dennis Assanis’ strategic principle of “Building an Environment of Inclusive Excellence.” According to that principle, “We will continue to support and strengthen multicultural programming and activities that enhance the learning experiences of all students, and encourage honest and open campus wide dialogue about the complexities of human difference, ideological thought, and unique learning abilities.”

In awarding the grants, priority will be given to the projects that further the mission of the Center for the Study of Diversity.

For more information about the collaborative grant program and how to apply, visit the website.

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